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In Turkey, one-fifth of the population is comprised of young people. Even though the proportion of young people in total population is estimated to decrease by 2050, the young population will continue to increase. However, the situation summarized throughout the report under different sub-titles demonstrates that young people do experience severe difficulties. The lack of detailed data that can be monitored from the perspective of a time series analysis is one of the most important obstacles. Current data does not enable the monitoring of urban-rural, male-female, east-west and other differences, nor does it include local variations. There is non-existent or limited data related to subjects such as disability, sexual orientation, access to sexual and reproductive health, leisure-time activities, cultural activities, or participation in political life and civil society - elements which identify young people as individuals rather than associating them with educational and occupational issues. 

A desk review was made in colloboration with Population Association and UNFPA Turkey on Turkey's young population.