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Having touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people with works in areas including human rights, gender equality, sexual and reproductive health and rights and continuing to work for women, girls and the most vulnerable groups to have more equal, healthier and safer lives to leave no one behind, UNFPA celebrates its 50th anniversary in Turkey. 

UNFPA Turkey celebrates its 50th year in Turkey with a big event themed Butterfly Effect on the 3rd of November in Ankara. The event will also be broadcasted live on the UNFPA YouTube channel. 

On the 3rd of November at 16:00 in CerModern, we will meet with representatives of ministries, embassies, international and national non-governmental organizations, academia and media as well as UNFPA Goodwill Ambassadors and friends of UNFPA.

Even though we will not be able to come together physically with all our supporters and followers due to the COVID-19 restrictions, you're all invited to share our 50th-anniversary excitement by joining the event live on YouTube. 

Don’t forget to set your reminders for the live event in Turkish and English!