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On 20th October 2016, in the context of the "Investing in 10-Year-Old Girls" and in an effort to focus attention on population issues and the need to find solutions, particularly on national levels, UNFPA Turkey launched the State of World Population (SWOP) report 2016 in a very special way. 

The launch took place where a 10-year-old girl, Azize, lives. Alpu, a province of Eskisehir in central Turkey where seasonal farm workers live in tents was the home of the SWOP 2016 launch. Under very fragile living conditions in a distant rural area, Karl Kulessa, UNFPA Turkey Representative was present to meet Azize, daughter of a seasonal farm worker family and discussed issues related to 10-year-old girls with Eskisehir City Council Chairwoman Mrs. Nuray Akcasoy and the doctor, Mrs. Yurtseven Tuner. Azize's whom Azize dreams to be in her role in the future.  
The SWOP gained considerable attention through 10-year-old Azize's story including data about development issues and challenges from global and regional perspectives, all the while shedding the light on the ICPD and SDG frameworks. The statistical SWOP 2016 booklet compiles region and country-specific indicators pertaining to the "investing in 10-year-old girls" messages. Media professionals showed great enthusiasm towards the information presented in the booklet while covering the story and expectations of 10-year-old Azize.