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The Report “November Dialogues 2020: Adolescence in Times of Pandemic” is out! The report is the compilation of the presentations and outputs of the “November Dialogues” event which has been held online on 24-25-26-27 November 2020 by the joint efforts of Turkey Family Health and Planning Foundation (TAPV) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Turkey.

Having been the 4th of the series of meetings organized in the scope of “Adolescent Health” since 2017, November Dialogues 2020 brought together various experts in the area of development of adolescence and adolescents health. In the event where the changes in agendas and priorities of education system and students have been highlighted, the main focus was the adolescence in times of pandemic. From the importance of raising awareness of teachers and students regarding the needs of the period to psychological consultants’ interaction and communication with their students, wide range of issues have been discussed. The event series were followed by approximately 1000 participants including psychological consultants, teachers, social service experts, academics, university students, parents and NGO representatives. The presentations were accompanied by panels and ateliers with a multidisciplinary perspective from local to global.  

Having comprised of the presentations and outputs of the “November Dialogues 2020”, the report not only turns the experts’ valuable contributions to the area of adolescent health into a written resource but also expands the reach of the events to a wider audience.

To find out more, check the report out.