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ANKARA, TURKEY - Successful actress Hazal Kaya has been appointed as the new Honorary Ambassador of United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA Turkey. The appointment ceremony was realized with an online press launch broadcasted live on UNFPA Turkey's YouTube channel.

The press launch was held with the participation of UNFPA Turkey Representative Hassan Mohtashami, Deputy Representative Zeynep Başarankut Kan and UNFPA Turkey's new Honorary Ambassador Hazal Kaya. After the opening speeches, Hazal Kaya answered the questions of the press members regarding this new position. A "Welcome" video from UNFPA Turkey's field workers and project beneficiaries was also shown at the event.

Hassan Mohtashami, UNFPA Turkey Representative stated that they are happy to formalize their cooperation with Hazal Kaya that has been continued for a year continued: "Hazal Kaya is one of the most influential names in Turkey. Together with her, we will be stronger in delivering a world where every pregnancy is desired, every birth is safe and every young person can realize their potential."

“With Hazal Kaya, we will fight for ensuring gender equality, preventing gender-based violence, ending child, early and forced marriages, raising awareness on sexual and reproductive health and rights and improving access to information and services" UNFPA Turkey Deputy Representative Zeynep Başarankut Kan said.

Saying that it is a great source of happiness and pride to be selected as the United Nations Population Fund, Honorary Ambassador Hazal Kaya said that: “I will never stop standing up so that women, girls and all vulnerable groups can live in a healthier, safer and more equal world. I am very happy to be able to work for these much stronger now with the support of the UNFPA family. We will leave no one behind!” Hazal Kaya also stated that she would be happy to work with Songül Öden and Edis Görgülü, who together with her, are UNFPA Turkey's Honorary Ambassadors.

You can watch the press launch on UNFPA Turkey YouTube channel

About Hazal Kaya:

Hazal Kaya was born in Istanbul in 1990. She completed her high school education at İstanbul İtalian High School. In 2009, she started studying at İstanbul Bilgi University Stage and Performing Arts Management, Performance Department. Having started to be interested in various fields of art at early ages, Hazal Kaya started taking violin lessons at the age of 4.5 and ballet at the age of 7. During her high school life, she became the face of a famous beverage brand. Since 2007, she has played several leading roles in television series and movies. Hazal Kaya speaks Turkish, English, Italian and German.