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In scope of 16 Days of Activism, UNFPA kicks of the "Bodyright" campaign to bring attention to #DigitalViolence!

Gloablly, 85% of women reported witnessing online violence, and nearly 40% have experienced it personally*. Women, girls, racial and ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+ and other marginalized communities are the most likely to have their images abused online, subjected to slurs and demeaning non-consensual sexual acts. 

This abuse is a violation of human rights and bodily autonomy and causes long-term psychological, emotional and physical distress. Yet, it is ignored by tech companies and policy makers who continue to look the other way. 

But when someone infringes on music copyright, digital platforms take down the content immediately. Governments have passed laws making copyright infringement illegal and digital platforms have devised ways to identify and prevent unauthorized use of copyrighted material.

The truth is that corporate logos and copyrighted IP receive greater protection online than we do as human beings. 

This is why UNFPA, the United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency, is launching bodyright, the first "copyright" mark to assert and demand protection from online violence. 

The core of this campaign is the Bodyright symbol.




Join the Bodyright Campaign!

Bodyright is designed to start an important conversation about how women, girls and the most marginalized are undervalued, exploited and violated online with very little being done to stop it. If you want to join this conversation and be part of this movement to end digital violence, here is what you can do:

Via social media:

Open your Instagram Stories and add a photo of yourself

Tap the sticker icon, then tap the GIF option

Search for 'bodyright', pick the ⓑ sticker you want and place it on your body

Screenshot or save the image to your phone and post it with #bodyright hashtag and tagging @unfpa

Via ‘bodyright’ tool: 

Go to

Scroll down to ‘Bodyright Your Image’ section 

Click ‘Upload your image’ 

Position the ‘b’ symbol on your image using the rotate and sizing tools 

Choose an optional tag line from the dropdown and position it so that it is not covering the ‘b’ symbol you have just placed 

Download or share the image on social media 

Via downloading bodyright symbol:

Go to

Scroll down to ‘Bodyright Your Image’ section

Click to ‘Download Symbol’

Add the symbol yourself by using an image editing software

Share on social using #bodyright


* Economic Intelligence Unit (2020)