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UNFPA's Response

The COVID-19 pandemic is straining public health systems, triggering unprecedented measures by governments around the world, including movement restrictions and shelter-in-place orders. Women are disproportionately represented in the health and social services sectors, increasing their risk of exposure to the disease. And if health systems redirect resources away from sexual and reproductive health services, women’s access to family planning, antenatal care and other critical services could suffer. Stress, limited mobility and livelihood disruptions also increase women’s and girls’ vulnerability to gender-based violence and exploitation. During COVID-19 cases of gender based violence including child marriages have increased globally. Due to lockdowns access to prevention and response services have become limited. 

UNFPA is on the ground, reaching out to those furthest behind; ensuring access to essential sexual and reproductive health services and protection services during the pandemic; distributing personal protective equipment for health workers and supporting health systems where needed. UNFPA is also supporting efforts to learn more about the virus and its impact to better serve the most vulnerable. 

You can reach all the guidelines and documents prepared in the scope of UNFPA’s COVID-19 response here.