Press Release
UNFPA announces the winners of “Joint Innovation Challenge 2022” aimed to provide funding for social enterprises with innovative solutions that advance the empowerment of women and girls worldwide. One of the winners is from Türkiye, the augmented reality experience designed to raise awareness for gender-based violence developed by KızBaşına platform.
Ambassador of Federal Republic of Germany to Ankara, Jürgen Schulz addressing the audience on stage
UNFPA announced for the first time on World Population Day this year: The global population will reach 8 billion on 15 November 2022. This milestone is both a cause for celebration and a call for humanity to find solutions to specific challenges. UNFPA Türkiye organized a joint event with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany to discuss what a world of 8 billion means for people and the planet with the parti...
#WorldFriendshipDay - We Are A Big Family with the Friends of UNFPA Türkiye
We are a big family! We continue to work for a healthier, safer and more equal world for all with our supporters who empower our voice and strength. We are glad to have you, dear #FriendsofUNFPATürkiye, thank you for yo...

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2022 Internship Programme

31 December 2022
(Please note: Internship applications will be added to the pool and the interns will be evaluated and selected from...